Somadrone pics up

I’m doing an end of year clear out here at the Model and found these great pics from the Somadrone New Spaces gig we had in Castle House on Nov 8th so I thought we should pop them up on flickr. The gig was a bit of a music and visual feast; music courtesy of Somadrone played live by Neil O’Connor (aka Somadrone) and Ian Pearce, and visuals courtesy of Eoghan Kidney.

The Space in question was the installation room at Castle House which was used for the Sonia Boyce installation; For you, only you. It lent itself brilliantly to the Somadrone gig providing a perfect space for visuals, naturally enough, but a great acoustic for his electro sound.

The night was an experimental one and a big thank you to everyone who came out for it. We wanted to try out the idea of presenting experimental events in a short Saturday night gig that gave you plenty of time to go on out afterwards. The gig was an hour, tickets were pretty low cost €10/8 and everyone got a free drink on the way in. Seemed to work great but we’d love to hear from you on it if you were there.