Saki Soto on recording in The Model’s recording studio

Saki Soto Interview with Yasmina Rahmoune

Saki Soto are an upcoming band from Sligo, who have been recording their EP here in The Model’s own brand new recording studios. Our music intern Yasmina, got a chance to see how the lads were getting on. Here is what they had to say…

Stephen =S
Hugh =H

How did you come up with the name saki soto?

S: I was online just browsing about for names just to see, cause I had been thinking of a lot of band names but I really wanted something to sound a bit odd and obscure.
So I asked my brother (who lives in Japan) what kind of obscure Japanese meaning of a name could we use that would stand out. And he told me Saki-Soto which is the Japanese equivalent to john smith here in Ireland.
We thought that would be a great way to get fans in Japan too.

How did you guys meet?

S: Hugh and I got together first, after I advertised for a band.
H: Stephen and I just started jamming old tracks of Stephens.
S: Kevin and I were in a different band previously. He was drumming for my band Burning Shades. When he left the band we all got together and started jamming.

What genre where your old band?

S: It was kind of rock. But with bits like bands such as Mogwai and Sonic Youth, it was more musical than vocal. Sort of like My Bloody Valentine.

How would you define Saki Soto’s genre or can you be defined?

H: Alternative-y!!
S: It is hard because we have so many influences. Kevin would be big into his 70’s rock music, but he also loves his trad-music.
H: I like everything! I play heavy-metal all the way to folk-music.
S: You could say rock, but that is very vague with all the new genres that are out there.
H: It has a 90’s vibe to it, but not grunge!
S: It sounds like Saki Soto.

When did you guys form?

H: It was around august or September 2011. We played our first gig in December just gone.

Where did you want to go with the band originally?

S: I really wanted to do the festival circuit and record a full album.
H: We just want to play on a stage and not in our bedrooms anymore.

Is there a particular gig you would love to play?

S: For me it has to be Glastonbury.
H: Sligo Live!!

Did either of you do a sound engineering course before you decided to make your own EP?

H: I have only ever recorded music in my bedroom before.
S: It was a trial and error thing. That is the nicest way to say it.
I have used other recording software before such as audacity. We are using que-base on a Mac this time. Which I think is great for any newcomer to recording.

Growing up who was the band that was on your wall?

H: For me it had to be the Red Hot Chilli Peppers since I was around 10 or 11. After I watched their DVD “Off the Map”, I bought a bass and just started trying to play Flea’s music.
S: The Beatles! The Beatles everything for me since I was about 4 or 5. In my house my parents are big Beatles fans, and Led Zeppelin of course. I just love those screams.

Why did you decide to play the bass hugh?

H: My brother used to play bass.

Was it the easier option with fewer strings?

H: I just like the funk!

Why did you decide to be the lead singer in a band?

H: God told him in a dream!!
S: it’s one of them things that I just sort of got pushed into. I prefer to sing though than to play the guitar.

What songs do you sing in the shower?

S: I have been singing Saki Soto songs for the last week.

Why did you choose a 3 piece band?

S: the 3 piece works you get the best out of the bass, vocals and drums.

Was it because of the recession you had to downsize?

S: I’ve been many different types of bands before even 6 pieces, but a 3 piece just makes sense for saki soto.

If I was to interview you in a years time, can you predict what you will be telling me?

H: it did not work out and I’m living on the streets.
S: we will be playing a lot more and have our album done for sure.

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