R.S.A.G’s new single The Roamer

It’s a cracking tune, and bodes well for the rest of the new album, which is due out on June 11th and called Be it Right or Wrong

Anyone who was at R.S.A.G’s sold out gig with Thread Pulls last May will remember how awesome he is live. We held the gig as part of our New Spaces for Musicseries and it took place in the Model Satellite Gallery on Castle Street. I’m not sure how many of those present had actually seen Jeremy live before, but they all went home blown away by the experience. These sorts of thigns are regulalry said about gigs of course, but rarely are they so true. Jeremy’s playing style, and the set up with just drums and vocal, brings a tribal energy to what is deeply blues and rock based music- with a dash of punk thrown into the vocals. There’s an urgency to the performance that takes over, and the whole thing seems to pass in a flash.

I’ve been eagerly anticipating the new album, ever since I heard some early plays of it on a live sessionwith Donal Dineen last November (scroll down that linked page and you’ll find a link to the mp3 to listen back). I’m excited that we’ll be able to present the first live airing of said album in Sligo, as our gig comes before its official launch, and really looking forward to seeing what he does with the new performance space. The acoustic in there should suit him perfectly.

The tickets for this gig are just €15 and I can guarantee you’ll get your money’s worth- and then some. RSAG is a remarkable talent, capable of winning over music lovers across all sorts of genres from jazz and rock to alternative and blues. See you down the front?