Punc 1×1 at Cliffoney National School

Unfolding, throughout the 2017 / 2018 academic year PUNC 1×1 is a unique county-wide outreach programme initiated by The Model and now in its second year.

Seven works from the Niland collection are currently on display in participating schools. The exhibition is shown on a rotation basis and initially the children are not given any information about the artist leaving them to respond to each art work with only their imaginations to guide them!

Punc 1×1 is off to a great start with very creative responses from Cliffoney National School, North Sligo. The mysterious painting with the “mysterious” hat has prompted the children to guess some brilliant titles for this work.

The most popular name suggestions for the piece so far:
Mr. Nobody’s Hat
The Haunted Hat
The Poacher’s Hat
The Never Worn Hat
Mystery Hat
The Murder Hat
The Invisible Man’s Hat

Principle Louise Kerins said: “The experience so far has been fantastic. All pupils have engaged with the artwork and the ideas and suggestions made have been interesting and thought provoking. A number of parents have also made time to look at the artwork and are thrilled our school is part of the project.We look forward in anticipation to learning the true name for the piece and some information on the artist.“

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