Premiere of Crossing the Line

The premier of the documentary film Crossing the Linewill screen at The Model Cinema on Wed., 01 Dec. at 11am. This short film is a powerful account of Touch the Sky’s collaboration with Belfast-based theatre company Limepie.

The film, documented by local film-maker Caroline Clancy, tracks their journey through Belfast and explores issues of identity as experienced through this process. The screening will be preceded by a short live performance by Touch the Sky performance group and a talk by their artistic director, Declan Drohan. This is a free public screening and The Model is encouraging all members of the public to attend this wonderful short film.

This event marks the end of the public art billboard campaign and peace projects, coordinated by the RAPID Urban Collective group. Touch the Sky performance group have collaborated with visual artists, a composer and a filmmaker throughout the documentation process for ‘Crossing the Line.’ Engaging participants in a long-term creative process of learning and self-advocacy was at the core of this project. This film highlights the talents of this group and their confidence as actors.

This is a Model/RehabCare Sligo partnership. Touch the Sky performance group were formed in 2006 and performed for the first time at The Model, with their seminal piece ‘Sleepwalk’. They were subsequently invited to perform at the Cairde Festival at the in July 2007 and again in 2009. They have also performed in Omagh, 2007 and presented their work to Limepie Theatre Company in Belfast earlier this year.

This project has been funded by SEUPB under the Peace III Progamme supported by Sligo County Council.