Polly Fibre reconstructs the incredible for Relay

The fifth work for the Relay project has been launched and is available to listen to and download for free online. Created by Polly Fibre as a response to the previous Relay piece by Hulk, Reconstructing the Incredible is a work that samples and reconstructs his Nightly Sweetly samples and inter-cuts them with scissor sounds.

Polly adds: ” An ongoing pursuit in my work is to attempt to engage haptically with things that are considered virtual. This piece is essentially a reconstruction of Hulks samples, using scissors sounds to cut into his digital audio. The original samples are arranged tightly together by basically starting them all at the same point and from this a loop is created and repeated throughout. Scissors samples are layered over this and a crude edit made at the point of each closing of the blades.”

Polly Fibre is the performance name and project of artist Christine Ellison. Started as a solo sonic-sewing act, and now often uniting with other artists to perform live, Polly Fibre fluxes in and out of art galleries, clubs and festivals which to date have included K77 Berlin, Kaunas Art Biennial 07, Lithuania, The Whitebox Gallery, New York and Dublin Electronic Arts Festival 08. Originally from Dublin, Ellison is currently based in London and works as a lecturer of Fine Art at the University of Reading.



Commissioned by The Model Arts and Niland Gallery in Sligo, (Ireland) Relay is an online music project devised and curated by musician John Lambert (aka Chequerboard). Lambert will invite a selection of Irish and international sound artists and musicians to contribute to Relay over the duration of the project. He will record an initial sound work and then relay this piece to the first contributor. Each work will be published online at the Relay website as it is completed, mapping the path of this dialogue of ideas between artists.

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