Pierre Bastien for Relay now online

French Musician Pierre Bastien is unveiled as the next contributor to the Relay project. Responding directly to Polly Fibre’s Reconstructing the Incredible Pierre has returned to his scissors player, an instrument he performed with in 1997/1998.

” This recent session with the scissors player was like meeting an old friend I had not talked to for ten years! Little by little I got to remember its qualities and its uneasy sides: how steadily it can play, on every tempo, with a smooth groove; and how difficult it is for the human part of the band, when you once decided that crrrrr would be the beat, to concentrate all along on the crrrrr without being disturbed by the tic and the frrrhhh nearby, that are constantly seducing you and putting you on the wrong track…”

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This fantastic addition to Relay is now available to listen to and download online, along with all the previous works, from the Relay page on the Model’s main site.

Pierre Bastien is a French musician. He currently lives in Rotterdam. He has built several automatic orchestras. He always performs his concerts along with the last version of his many contraptions. The previous versions have a second life -though not virtual- as sound sculptures and installations. His collaborations include film maker Karel Doing, fashion design company Issey Miyake inc., videast Pierrick Sorin, musicians Grimo, Lukas Simonis, Pascal Comelade, Robert Wyatt, Steve Arg�elles, choreographers Dominique Bagouet, Roberto Olivan, circus company Trottola and juggler Jer�me Thomas. His music is released on Gazul, G33G, Inpolysons, Signature, Rephlex, Western Vinyl.

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Commissioned by The Model Arts and Niland Gallery in Sligo, (Ireland) Relay is an online music project devised and curated by musician John Lambert (akaChequerboard). Lambert will invite a selection of Irish and international sound artists and musicians to contribute to Relay over the duration of the project. He will record an initial sound work and then relay this piece to the first contributor. Each work will be published online at the Relay website as it is completed, mapping the path of this dialogue of ideas between artists.

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