Our week as part of The Model team

The blog today comes from our Transition Year work experience students, who were a great help to The Model team this week. We will miss their giggles.

Hey Katie and Ciara here from Ursuline College. We were here on work experience for the past two weeks and had an amazing time.
We got the tour of the newly refurbished gallery on our first day and got to see the brilliant exhibition Angelology by Ilya and Emilia Kabakov in great detail.

Throughout the work experience, we got to work a lot with marketing and event promotion which was really cool. We got to try lots of things for the first time like spreadsheets! (haha)
We also got to work with press releases and promotion for different events which we found really cool. Katie got to watch a french film Persepolis as part of the ‘Films For Schools’ during the first week which was really interesting.

We got to take pictures around the town of locations that would be good for promotion etc. with a really cool camera – people thought we were taking pictures of them!

We also got to give out fliers and event guides to various businesses around the town as well as put up posters advertising the premiere of ‘The Pipe’ an award-winning irish film about the story of a community tragically divided, and and how they deal with a pipe that could bring economic prosperity or destruction to a way of life shared for generations. It was a really fun job.

The Model itself was really interesting as neither of us had been in it since the refurbishment and we have to say it was amazing. We thought it was great when we got our very own pass to use on the doors because we felt like we actually worked here. Pity we had to give it back at the end! The black box is really cool and we got to see the education room among others for the first time and we nearly got lost on the way to it!

But of course the highlight for both of us had to be invigilating in the gallery! Only joking but it did mean we got to see the exhibition in detail. We are extremely grateful for this opportunity and we enjoyed ourselves greatly. Everyone here at The Model was so welcoming and friendly and we are really sad to be leaving already!