Make a Cubist Collage

Mary Swanzy was an Irish artist who painted in a completely new way. This style of painting was called Cubism. This meant that Artists used cubes and other shapes to show objects from different angles all at once in their paintings.

Mary Swanzy, Abstract, c. 1910

Mary Swanzy, Abstract, c. 1910

Mary Swanzy was inspired by nature, and used geometric shapes to create her Cubist paintings.

What shapes can you find in her painting Abstract?


Make your very own Cubist inspired collage. Collage comes from the French word colle meaning ‘glue’. Collage is used to describe a technique where different types of materials are glued to a flat surface. Take a close look at nature and be creative with shapes and colours as you cut out your own masterpiece!

What you will need

Brightly coloured paper
A clear space to work


Cut out shapes from the brightly coloured paper. They can be any shape you want -wavy like the sea, sharp like a cactus. They can even spell out words! Just let your imagination take over.

When you have made a pile of brightly coloured shapes take a large sheet of coloured paper and start composing your picture. This means arranging the shapes onto the page to make a picture that you like.


Once you’re happy with your picture you can glue your paper shapes down

Composition is very important to artists’ work. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your shapes, you could even overlap them to make a new shape – just play around and see what happens.

Ask a parent or guardian to take a picture of your work and share it with us.
Don’t forget to sign it with your name and age.

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