More TY students on work experience at The Model

I am an uber awesome student from Summerhill College. Me, myself and I known collectively as Oisin, I am here for a week of work experience at The (super cool, super awesome) Model. My first impression of The Model is how big and spacious it is and how cool it looks. Stepping out from the low ceiling in the reception area to this big open and airy space with light streaming in from the skylights was a cool experience and shows how The Model has changed,and for the better.

On the second floor you can do a full circuit of The DORM which has exhibitions from various artists collectives around the world.My personal favourite is The Last Riot by the Russian Collective AES+F it a really cool and enthralling piece of work. There’s also many more exhibitions that are interesting,stimulating and just plain cool.

One of the main features for The Model’s remodel is the Black Box/Cinema. This is a huge performance space for gigs,cinema,talks and more. The really cool thing about The Black Box is that all the seats are on platforms and the seats can be folded and the platforms pulled back into the wall by a motor and when the seats are out in can hold up to 250 people. The whole setup of The Black Box is superb as it has a really good (and confusing)sound system and great lighting as well. A lot of the wires and cables are in a storage room and there is a lot of of them (especially when you have to label them all).

There are many storage rooms in The Model and one of my jobs was moving things from one room to the next. The first storage room is the Exhibition Storage Room were all the exhibitions are meant to be kept but sadly it is full of stuff that isn’t meant to be there so it’s a bit of a mess but there’s some cool stuff in there like a 1930s movie projector which is there for some reason. In The Basement which is very very hot and sometimes very very dark there’s a lot of equipment used for unknown purposes and baffling reasons. The Education Room is full of the balloon beds that were used for the opening night. Lying on one of them is a cool and strangely comfy experience though you cant help feeling that if you move too suddenly you might pop the balloons so even though its comfy you do tend to move with exaggerated carefulness I’ll be surprised if anyone got any sleep on them during the opening night.

That’s all I have to say really except to thank everyone here for being so friendly and especially to thank Ollie, Richard and Linda for helping me during the work experience it really has been an experience.

And I have one more thing to say if you haven’t visited The Model DO!! I cant stress enough how cool it is and how friendly everyone is here.