Print your Own Christmas Card


Make gift-giving more exciting this year by printing your very own Christmas cards. Printmaking is creating multiples of the same image from a specially prepared or carved surface.

It is a great way to create colourful bold designs and because you can create multiples it’s perfect for making lots of cards for all your friends and family. There are many different ways to make a print, traditionally an artist would carve their designs into wood or metal but for your prints you will use a potato!

What you will need




Poster paint

Paint brush

Paint tray

Knife / Paper clip / Cookie cutter

Kitchen paper


The first step is to come up with your design for your potato print. On a piece of paper sketch out your ideas. Try experimenting with different shapes. To make your cards festive try a simple Christmas tree, a star or a Christmas bauble.

When you have decided on your design it is time to prepare your potato. Get an adult to cut your potato in half.

Draw your pattern on your potato with a pen or pencil, don’t worry if it’s not very clear, it is just to guide you while carving.

Now your potato is ready to be carved. You will be carving away the parts of the potato’s surface that you don’t want to paint. Ask an adult to help carve your design using a knife or you can try yourself using a paper clip to dig out lines and grooves.

As the potato will be naturally wet, pat it dry with some kitchen paper.

Once the potato is dry you are ready for printing. Put paint onto the raised part of your potato using a paint brush or by dipping it in a thin layer of paint on a tray.

Firmly press the stamp onto a piece of paper for about three seconds then slowly lift the potato from the paper.

The best part of printmaking is that you can use the same design over and over again. Repeat the design and even try layering it to make different patterns. You could even make your very own personalised wrapping paper by creating different patterns on large sheets of plain paper.

Why not experiment with other vegetables – like a cauliflower to print a tree.

Ask a parent or guardian to take a picture of your work and share it with us.
Don’t forget to sign it with your name and age.

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