The Model’s Inside Out online digital programme for kids has lit a fire of creativity in many of our young budding artists.

Freya Whitney in Leitrim tells us what she has got up to during lockdown.Her story and artwork reveal the hidden landscape and magic that can be found in the hills and woods of Lovely Leitrim. 

Freya Whitney, Age 10

I was happy to make this artwork of “the view from my window” it was fun and I drew it from my back window. I can see the Iron mountain from the window. I climbed up it before:-) My picture has hills, houses and fields in the background. I love the forest behind my house because two or so years ago sheep got out of that forest and started playing on my trampoline. 

During lockdown I’ve went on lovely picnics down there and have seen lots of insects, field mice and birds. My picture shows the gorse bushes and butter cup meadows. I drew my dad’s tyres with veg in them and my swing which I use every day! :3 I used oil pastels to make my picture on card as I love to blend the different colours and the card is strong to use.’

Freya Whitney, Leitrim Village, Age 10.

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