Jason’s YM Diary

Young Model with artist and facilitator Andy Parsons, preparing some interview questions and grabbing a bite

Some of the YM members are going to write Diary reactions to the project as they go through it. Here is the first from 15 year old Jason Mills.

Diary entry: By Jason Mills 17th July 2009,

Hi my Name is Jason Mills and I go to Young Model art in Sligo and it’s very creative to me and a great experience to me and very fun too. When I first started going to Model art I was very nervous when we were doing Interviews on video camera. I love writing it’s very creative and helpful if you’re writing letters or diaries. I like painting a little bit but not as much as writing.

Now I will tell you each week how I thought Model art was and how I experienced It and helped other people to get into fine creative stuff. My first day was good because I made a couple of friends from the art group. I already have a friend called Ryan from my neighbourhood who goes to art club with me, he loves to tell jokes and be funny. I have another friend called Fin, he is very shy and loves Michael Jackson, like myself. I think the world loves him too, he was a great performer and an incredible dancer. I admired him so much. I also love music but hate sports though I love exercising when I get the time.

I also like reading imaginative creative books and exciting books are my favourite. I think school is ok but I don’t have many friends. Anyway that’s my background of life from out of the art studio. I am also Fifteen years old. My birthday is in January 24. Anyway let me tell you more about my friends, there is a girl called Yasmine, she is into drama the same as me, we have a lot in common, She is a nice person,

My dream is to become either a Movie Star or a Famous writer!

The second day we went near this waterfall and filmed it and it all looked beautiful…

I also have a big family from here in Sligo and Florida and other places too!

So that’s all I have to say today, I will say more soon next week when we do more things in the Model art studio and other places too!!! – Jason