‘Invisible Violence’ EU Grant awarded to The Model

The Model is delighted to announce that is it now one of only three recipients in Ireland to receive major EU Grant funding under the Strand 1.2.1: Cooperation projects.

Director/Curator Seamus Kealy announced the news today March 1st, 2013, indicating that “it was nine months of idea generation and three solid months of grant-writing with our partners” that led to the grant being awarded.

The grant funds the 2013-2014 project, “Invisible Violence,” co-curated by Seamus Kealy and two partner museums in Serbia and Spain. “Invisible Violence” investigates forms of cultural, social or political violence that exists today in European society.

“The backdrop,” stated Kealy, “is that these three regions of Ireland, the Basque Region of Spain and Former Yugoslavia all have associated histories of violence and terror. While this commonality – much of which today is made up of stereotypes and misconceptions – ties the three partners together, the project itself has a much broader scope, where we are working with forty artists whose artwork examines how violence is enacted today in subtle forms, whether through bureaucracy, policy, language, cultural resonances and so on.”

The project involves three exhibitions, three conferences, three sets of film screenings, and a common publication.

Irish, Serbian, Spanish and European artists are involved. The first
exhibition opens in Vitoria, Spain in October 2013, while the second
exhibition opens at The Model in Sligo in February 2014. The third
exhibition opens in Belgrade at The Museum of Contemporary Art in June 2014.