Indulge all your senses This Christmas

Model Christmas

We all have our favourite thing about Christmas trees, whether it’s the twinkling lights, the shiny ornaments, the fresh pine smell or even the prickly feel of the pine needles. All of these are appreciated through vision, smell and touch. But what about sound? Visitors to The Model can experience the wonder of the Christmas tree through the sense of hearing with Steve Wickham’s soundscape tree this weekend at The Model. Steve describes his tree as “a witty antidote to the normal noise of the ubiquitous worn out Christmas pop songs heard everywhere over the holidays. A prechristmas trip to the deep lair of Santa and his Elves.” This definitely sounds like a tree worth coming to see or rather hear!

Steve’s soundscape tree will be on display in the foyer with the rest of The Model’s trees adorned with the handmade decorations from last weekend’s Christmas Cracker workshop. The Model’s Christmas Cracker is a new initiative focusing on families and creativity launched in early December. Join us this weekend and every weekend through 27 December.