Graphite & Easel exhibition at The Dock this month


The Model’s life drawing group, Graphite & Easel, are working in collaboration with The Dock’s life drawing group. We are exhibiting at The Dock during November and as part of the Studio+ series of events at The Model during the month of December.


We have developed an exhibit which examines the activity of drawing from life and reflects our own practice. The process of developing work for exhibition has provided us with the opportunity to really tease apart what it is that actually happens in our weekly sessions and why it is that we are all so fascinated and compelled to draw the human body.

Our installation consists of three elements:
– a conversation between models and practitioners on the practice of life drawing – a series of dynamic collaborative drawings made in session – an audio recording of the sounds of a session

It promises an interesting visual and aural experience combined with personal insights. We would like to think it will provoke thought on this valuable contemporary practice.


If you’re interested in participating in the Graphite & Easel weekly life drawing sessions email

Photography Andy Parsons 2014