Exhibition by Steve Wickham, ‘Geronimo Grandini’

This is a piece about loss. The loss of Steve’s beloved violin. It is an installation with a bespoke piece of film and a composed lament. The main body of the exhibition is housed within a kitchen table – where we sit , play music and perhaps wake our dead. Inside the table lay the fragments of Geronimo, Steve’s violin of some 25 years. He has included two lino cut prints and one drawing, there are also a couple of letters from the airline who were responsible for the destruction of this incredible violin. In parallel, Geronimo the Apache warrior makes an appearance , we are familiar with his name, the war cry as we leapt into the unknown as fearless children.

The soulful “Lament” composed by Steve, accompanies a film artfully concealed within the table itself.

The exhibition will run to the end of February, Room @ The Model