Dispatches from Belfast

Limepie Theatre group and Touch the Sky meet again but in Belfast this time at the newly re-developed Crescent Arts Centre , University Road.

Here are some comments from participants and members of Touch the Sky Performance Group and Limepie Theatre.

Little did I know that our journey (Limepie’s) to Sligo to participate in a Collage Party with the wonderful Touch-The-Sky group would be a journey into facing underlying issues in my life and coming out the other end healed and free!

As one who lived on both sides, then Nursed people from all sides of our Political Troubles I never realised just how much helplessness, empathy and guilt I felt about the horrendous things I witnessed but could do nothing to change. As we explored devision, difference in the light of the North of Ireland’s Political Troubles inwardly my journey took me from – emotional trauma, realisation to freedom and healing. Who’d a thought eh? God really does move in mysterious ways eh?…:)”

Barbara, Limepie Theatre, Belfast

Touch the Sky’s visit to Belfast was very experiential, enhancing a previously abstract understanding of the troubles. National news became a reality as together Limepie and Touch the Sky ventured through Belfasts’ flashpoints, such as the Shankill and Falls roads. The peace wall proved thought provoking as the group read words from the walls authors, and saw pictoral representations of war and loss, scenes that Touch the Sky had addressed in their drama workshops. The two groups found common ground over the emotions and disbelief the Belfast tour brought to the surface, and these experiences helped feed and focus their participation in the drama workshop that followed. Members of Touch the Sky had the following to say:

It opened my eyes.
Very different than where we are from.
Very interesting experiencing it, normally you see it on the news. You hear about it [peace wall but you don’t see how high it is, how high the wires go. With closing the gates at night you think there is still fear of something happening.
I saw the biggest Celtic Cross on St Patricks church We put our names on the wall [Peace wall] and I drew a Celtic Cross.
Good experience Some of the things I touched [at the Peace wall] were very sad.

They were both shocked and intrigued by their visit and drew on what was disturbing to them and also the beauty in what they encountered. While some experienced fear at the thought of the visit, the group have said that they would like to return to Belfast in the future.

Sheena O’Neill, RehabCare

Thanks Lime Pie for a great couple of days.