Director’s Q&A with One Hundred Morning’s Conor Horgan

Don’t miss this week’s great film One Hundred Mornings by Irish Director Conor Horgan.

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Two couples are holed up in a cabin on the outskirts of a small village for two months now and tensions are starting to flare. They don’t have any power, food supplies are running low, villagers are wielding shotguns and the Gardai are beginning to cede control to roaming gangs. They share a cold comfort with their only neighbour – Tim – who will split his vodka but won’t hand over his spare rifle because ‘you don’t know how things will turn out.’

Director Conor Horgan will attend a special Q&A after this Thursday’s screening at 8pm of his film in The Model cinema.

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Question: Who plays Jonathan in the film? Clue here

Winner of the audience award at the recent Jameson Dublin International Film Festival and an Irish Times four star this French documentry “makes the toe tap as it wrings for tears. If there are easier, more pleasing ways to broaden your horizons, we can’t say what they might be”.