Daniel Chester – Open Studio

There is a contemplative, sublime and somewhat sombre quality in Daniel Chester’s landscapes. When shown during the 2016 Cairde festival, his large-scale rural landscapes emanated a beauty that was both haunting and tender, it was no surprise then, when Chester became the recipient of The Model Cara Award 2016, a unique prize which is an invitation to the artist to develop a project in The Model’s process room.

Usually, residencies entail an artist taking over some private quarters, however on this occasion the Leitrim-based artist decided to base himself in The Model process room, turning it into a place of work. Casting open the metaphorical (and physical) doors in order to dissolve the barriers that separate the artist from the audience, the artist has created an “open studio” where the public can observe and interact with the artist at work. It’s concept is live, interactive visual art, that deliberately blurs the lines between process and performance.

Throughout the month of November, Chester has the run of the process room; a large, bright space with twin windows that naturally lends itself as a studio. For the duration of his residency, his space is open to the public (daily 10am – 2pm). As well as presenting an oppountinity for Chester to meet his curious audience, the open studio presents an unique chance to observe Chester’s working process as his pieces unfold before us. It’s a fascinating concept, the idea that we can simply observe as Chester creates his sobering & oppressive pieces, attempting to pinpoint the exquisite moment in which they become emotionally shattering.

So come along and see Daniel Chester, he will be working in the Process Room 10am-2pm daily until 02 Dec. The pieces that Chester complete in The Model will be on display in the process room till late December. See reception for details.