Children and family at The model

Last week saw the first in a series of free workshops at The Model for parents and toddlers. Artist Kate Wilson led the children through a magical world of water and paint. Characters and beautiful scenes from a children’s storybook were used to stir the imagination. Using sponges, water-based paints, straws and powder, each child created numerous beautiful paintings in watery blues, greens and yellows. By the end of the workshop, the room was filled with drawings, which were hung around the room like an installation of Tibetan prayer flags. The quiet energy in the room was notable as children and parents alike were transported into a world apart.

Of course we also have workshops for more mature audiences. Artist Pia Lueck introduced her first workshop in this Spring’s ArtTrap family programme on Sunday. ArtTrap is a series of workshops for 4-6 year olds and 7-9 year olds.
Pia’s workshops all take place in a quirky suitcase, which is home to oodles of pens, pencils, crayons, coloured papers, string, wool, clay, paint and much more. This curious suitcase is constantly on the move, acquiring and accumulating different materials each week. On Sunday last, children made clay models of characters inspired by characters they chose to illustrate from a tour of the exhibition. Anna Leask, an art student in Sligo, observed the workshop and had the following to say:
“They were all given a piece of clay each and were able to let loose and make something that they had seen in the gallery. They then covered the pieces of clay in plaster and painted them. What a fabulous way for your children to spend a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon and I have taken some great ideas home with me to experiment with, for my own children, I’m very grateful for the experience The Model has given me.”

Marie-Louise Blaney, Education Curator

The next ArtTrap (4-6 year olds) workshop takes place on Sun. 06 Mar. and Sun. 13 Mar. (7-9 year olds).

To book, contact The Model on (071)91 41405 or email