BIG Art Project

The Model are currently working on a regeneration project with a group of young children from Cranmore, in partnership with the Cranmore Regeneration Project. The outcome of which you will be able to see on Culture Night Sligo on September 25th on the hoarding of The Model and at a site in Cranmore. Through a series of story-telling and visual art workshops, the children have been asked to share with us their vision for the future of Sligo. Below artist Naomi Draper who co-facilitated the project with Margaret Moggan describes what has been happening during the process.
BIG Art Project-part of The Model’s Culture Night Sligo celebrations

‘Over the past six weeks I have gathered all kinds of inspiration from the children who took part in the workshops. Our curiosity in what was behind the hoarding resulted in the creation of six tiny creatures and their worlds. These are very interesting places which I am now examining further and hope to share with you very soon.’

Naomi Draper


The project is an opportunity for The Model to engage children from the area in an exciting public artwork. The work will then be adhered to, or projected onto the hoarding around the perimeter of The Model re-development site. Giving the children a sense of ownership is an important aspect of the art project, particularly at a time in their lives, when their community is experiencing profound change. A documentary by David Parle on the process of the project will be screened in Cranmore on the night.