beautiful Unit transmitting from O’Connel Street

Beautiful Unit’s Pop-up gig for Culture Night Sligo will happen on O’Connell Street tomorrow night from about 8.30pm. The band will be playing out of their van and setting up from early in the evening so you’ll catch a peek from much earlier on. This guerilla live show includes live visuals from Hector Castells.

To get the full transmission bring a handheld radio with you so you can tune in (frequency will be given at the gig) for full stereo live effect.

Beautiful Unit is a new project from the Trust Me Im A Thief record label (Jape, The Redneck Manifesto, Si Schroeder, Somadrone, Goodtime John and others) who are set to brighten the October nights this year with a rather unusual tour. Following their taster Guerrilla gig on Culture Night Beautiful Unit will be back in October for a full performance as part of New Spaces.

Helmed by Guitarist Brian Mooney, Beautiful Unit released debut album European Son earlier this year. Mooney is a well established musical magic man on the Irish scene having played with everyone from Jape, David Kitt and Si Schroeder and to his own band The Idiots.

“A sonic technique that oozes character and distinction, rhythms thumped out on toy drum sets, strums on borrowed banjo and music that thrums to, in the words of Mooney himself, “ The pulse of the static from the jack-to-jack” Our advice — Don’t let this one pass you by” The Irish Times

Beautiful Unit’s tour is made possible through funding from Music Network