Seige II by Rita Duffy (b.1959)

Date: 1989
Dimensions: 122.25 × 122cm
Medium: Oil on gesso panel
Collection: Graeve Collection
Provenance: Acquired by Jobst Graeve form Project Arts Centre, Dublin in 1990


About the Artist

Rita Duffy (b.1959)

Born 1959, Belfast, Northern Ireland. Rita Duffy was born in 1959 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She received a B.A. at the Art & Design Centre and a M.A. in Fine Art at the University of Ulster. She is one of Northern Irelands groundbreaking artists who began her work concentrating primarily on the figurative/narrative tradition. Her art is often autobiographical, including themes and images of Irish identity, history and politics. Duffys work has grown and evolved but remains intensely personal with overtones of the surreal. Homage is paid to the language of magic realism and always there is exquisite crafting of materials. She has initiated several major collaborative art projects and was made an Honorary Member of the R.S.U.A. for her developmental work within the built environment. She is an associate at the Goldsmiths College, London and is currently working on an artistic exchange with Argentina and Northern Ireland, looking at the role art has in post conflict societies. Her Belfast studio practice continues to develop and her public art projects are increasingly preoccupied with international themes. Currently she is developing a series of new works for the Public Records Office of N.I. which is designed into the new building. Duffys work is being increasingly collected at home and abroad with work in numerous public and private collections.

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