Artist in Residence Niamh O’Connor


This week in the B.R.A artist in residence Niamh O’Connor was here to open up a conversation about art, mental health and community. During her talk on Wednesday, Niamh invited people to respond to the question, “What does mental wellbeing look like for the art museum, from a public perspective? How would it manifest itself?” while bearing in mind the definition of wellbeing:

‘Wellbeing also reflects the concept of positive mental health, in which a person can [1] realise his of her own abilities, [2] cope with the normal stresses of life, [3] work productively and fruitfully and [4] be able to contribute to his or her community.’ (Healthy Ireland 2013)

The aim of the question was to encourage people to think about the art museum from a particular perspective. The discussion received varied responses –one thought that mental wellbeing under the terms outlined should be integral to it (“its pulse”) and others wondered if mental wellbeing has anything to do with an art institution.
Niamh will be here for the rest of the week and will hold a free workshop especially for artists working in health settings, this Saturday from 11am – 12pm.

So what does mental wellbeing look like for the art museum?
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