A Beard of mercury Switches

Sunken Foal – Beard of Mercury Switches

The next installment of the Relay project has been released online and is available for you to listen to and to download for free here. The newest piece is by Sunken Foal (aka Dunk Murphy) and is a direct response to Bibio’s Relay track – Hedged In. In Dunk’s words:

” The idea is to imply a sense of interruption by creating sets and sub-sets of little tranquil audio components that can be switched between, brutally and abruptly. Each audio component (or loop) contains a sense of movement in order to emphasise the disturbance when it is switched on/off, so I recorded and processed instruments to convey temporal fluctuation. For example, some of the material includes exponentially plucked banjo, fwd/bwd looping piano chords, filtered random noise and wobbling analogue synthesizer.”

Read the rest of his description behind the work, and listen to the track on The Model site here

::DEAF09:: An Installation of Relay is being planned for DEAF09 which will be launched by curator John Lambert and 2 of the Relay artists: Hulk and Polly Fibre – Keep an eye on the DEAF site for more info as it’s announced.

After completing his MA in Music Technology at the University of Limerick, Sunken Foal (Dunk Murphy) released his debut album “Fallen Arches” on Planet-Mu records alongside the “Fermented Condiments” E.P. in late 2008. Since then, he has played a string of successful gigs developing a unique ‘finger-triggered’ improvisational live performance setup. His music tangles stringed instruments with analogue synthesis and walks a fine line between murky pessimism and ethereal harmony. Occasional vocals are met with digital percussion that twist and turn at every juncture. His interest in generative music has lead to techniques that imply continually fluctuating timbres and compositions while never wandering too far from the dance floor. Sunken Foal has featured as BBC Radio1 session artist (featuring J�rgen Simpson and Cormac Dermody) on the Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental show and has contributed to her acclaimed Wild Angels compilation. Sunken Foal on myspace