Zin has become known internationally for his elaborate installations encompassing elements of performance and sculpture along with drawing, printing, and video. Narration is an essential ingredient of much of Taylor’s multifaceted work, and his stories are often culled from the undergrowth of popular culture (more specifically underground music scenes) and contemporary art lore. Journalism, research, storytelling: not surprisingly, both the spoken word and the printed word figure prominently in Taylor’s practice and many of his installations have also been accompanied by publications and/or artist books.

Zin Taylor

Zin Taylor about his exhibition ‘Growth’ at KIOSK from liene aerts on Vimeo.

The talk, as much as it will be about his work, will traverse a wide variety of influence, anecdote and past history to arrive at the basic principle behind what it is Zin Taylor does – the development of thoughts about a subject in to forms about subject.

For this he uses the term Growth to describe the additive qualities that occur when a subject is addressed with intent. It’s what he sees happening as the by-product of intentionality, a kind of phenomenological authorship.

Address a subject, and that subject grows. It takes up more space, occupies new areas, speaks to things it didn’t before – but always with a visual language of his own construct. There will be video, audio and some images. The work, often whimsical, funny and playful is a gateway to a deeper meaning.

Vizit Zin’s website here.


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