The Model is delighted to present Torsten Lauschmann’s first solo exhibition in Ireland. Lauschmann’s work is notable for its innovative and idiosyncratic approach across a range of formats including photography, sound, video, online projects, performance and installation. He is interested in the earliest forms of magical and cinematic entertainment, as well as the latest technological advances. He tweaks the mechanics of both digital and analogue technologies, producing works that explore our relationship with machines, as well as our understanding of the moving image and illusion. Made using a range of materials, found objects and technological processes, his works defy categorisation and deliberately avoid the notion of a signature style or appearance.

Instead Lauschmann is interested in delving into the fundamentals of life and human nature – resulting in artworks that range from the melancholic, poetic and romantic to the theoretical and the absurd. The combination of the home-made and the high-tech is another integral part of many of Lauschmann’s works – their low-fi and DIY appearance can often mask the complexity of their construction. The artist often transforms that which we take for granted, focusing our attention on how we live our lives. The exhibition at The Model will feature his most recent work The War of the Corners, 2018 as well as a specially adapted installation, At the Centre of Everything a Row of Holes.

This exhibition is supported by the Goethe-Institut Irland.

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