(sub)TEXT, a collaborative, time based, multi media installation contemplating relationships between process, concept, impact and aesthetics is opening in room at The Model this week. Room is an artist-led space provided by The Model to The Model’s Studio Artists and is programed by the artists.

By facilitating an exploration of ideas through the written and spoken word,(sub)TEXT opens up dialogues between the participating artists and the viewer, challenging the experience and perception of ‘room’ as a contemporary art space.

(sub)TEXT artists will collaborate on a time-based, cross-disciplinary project, encompassing film, sound, and the written word. Artists will fill the entire gallery space with written text; working directly on the walls of the space, using the medium of graphite pencil. The audience will be invited to watch artists as they make their written pieces.

The entire process of making (sub)TEXT will be recorded by Sarah Stevens as a time-lapse film. Steve Wickham will make sound recordings of the content of what each artist writes. As the exhibition continues these forms of documentation will become part of the show.

It is envisaged that it will take two weeks to create (sub)TEXT. On Thursday December 15th at 6pm there will be a Finisage. This will be an event where the audience are invited to join us, have a glass of wine, see the result of what the artists have created and to celebrate the culmination of this collaborative artist process.

An archivable document/catalogue will be produced during the installation of
(sub)TEXT, which will include film stills, written contributions from artists, photo documentation of process, analysis, curatorial commentary, and will be distributed to all galleries and institutions nationwide.

Written contribution will be made by Emer McGarry (Deputy Director, The Model), Ronan McCrea (artist), Louis McManus, (lecturer in Art History, Sligo I.T.) and Greg McLauglin (lecturer in Media Studies, University of Ulster), amongst others.


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