The Model is transformed into The Tunnel by Omer Fast, where three art installations inhabit The Model building. The first inhabits the atrium, and is an intervention by the artist that is associable with his new film project, 5000 Feet is the Best. The Model co-commissioned this film, which is presented in the East Gallery above as the second installation. With this film, Fast had tracked down pilots who operate the un-manned drone planes that are currently on military operations over Afghanistan and Pakistan. These planes are operated remotely in a video control booth by these pilots, who work a normal nine-to-five day in the United States. The film is the result of Fast’s research and his interviews. The third installation, which requires a separate entrance from the west side of the building above, is Fast’s three-sectioned project Nostalgia.

5,000 Feet is the Best is co-commissioned by The Model, Dublin Contemporary 2011, the Hermes Foundation, and the Kadist Foundation.


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