Oliver Laric’s practice, which comprises sculpture, video and installation, explores both historical and contemporary image economies. In particular, his work attends to the dynamic context of images: how they move, transform and replicate as part of an ever-evolving visual culture.

For his exhibition at The Model, Laric presents a recent film work. Composed of found and newly animated image sequences in which bodies metamorphose from one form into another, or are caught between two states, the untitled film dialogues with the consistent cultural trope of mutable identity.

As domestic appliances transfigure into civilians, frogs become regency-style furniture and half-human/half-animal ‘furries’ cradle each other erotically, a nuanced reminder is posited of how frequently those not conforming to normative standards of identity are pathologised and marginalised. Laric’s film represents an appeal against such tendencies, while simultaneously proposing a pluralistic, open-ended vision of what a body is, and more importantly what it might become.


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