The Model is delighted to present an exhibition, drawn from the Niland Collection entitled Ireland in the Twentieth Century. The exhibition looks at changes in Irish social and political life throughout this turbulent century.

The show will look at the political awakening of the masses in the early part of the century and pay particular attention to artist’s representations of the violent events that accompanied the birth of the Irish State. Representations of violence will be juxtaposed beside the serene visions of the Irish landscape portrayed by Paul Henry and other landscape painters. Changes in Irish society will be explored – from the legacy of colonialism to the poverty of ordinary Irish people throughout the war years and the emergency. The exhibition will also look at the concerns of artists working in the period since 1970 and the way in which conflict and the economy have continued to impact on Irish life. The exhibition will feature work by Jack B Yeats, Paul Henry, Sean Keating, Kathleen Fox, Ronnie Hughes, Michael Farrell, Rita Duffy and many more.

Curator’s tours of this exhibition will be conducted on Wednesday 12 Oct at 1pm, Wednesday 16 Nov at 1pm. and Wednesday 07 Dec at 1pm.


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