With Harun Farocki, The Model presents a filmmaker and artist whose work has had a strong influence on the history of the political film since the late 1960s. His great importance to the visual arts is reflected not only in the retrospectives of his films at institutions like Tate Modern in London but also in solo exhibitions at the MUMOK Wien, the Jeu de Paume in Paris, and the Museum Ludwig in Cologne

This exhibition spans the period from 1968 to the present and shows three video installations. For these new video installations, which each last eight minutes, Farocki shot footage in military facilities in the USA and combined these sequences with material from computer simulations. Reminiscent of computer games, these programs are used by soldiers to practice for real emergency situations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and potential crisis zones.

Harun Farocki’s characteristic form of double projection is what enables him to produce both a regular succession of individual images and a simultaneity in their interrelationships. Despite the sometimes hard and unpredictable cuts, the jumping back and forth of images creates the Recognition and Tracking that give the exhibition in Bregenz its title.

Recognition and Tracking is accompanied by a new publication.

Cinema screenings of Farocki’s work take place Sundays at 3pm in the Model Cinema for the duration of the show.

This exhibition is supported by the Goethe-Institut Irland

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