Presented in association with The Model, Gracelands is an outdoor art event that takes place over a single day, situated on the site of the Mimetic House. Now in its third year, it features an unfolding exhibition of performance, sculpture, lectures and screenings from mid afternoon to late night.

Fortune tellas, still from Latitude by Alice Rekab, 2010.

The works are presented on a site designed specially for the project by architect Dominic Stevens. Alongside the screening of artworks and films the programme for 2010 will include a series of performed events and sculptures with a special focus on the ‘immaterial’. Many of these works have been conceived and produced especially for Gracelands.

Looking at both the dangers and safety of allegiance and the relationship between identity and solidarity, this years event is entitled ‘I’m Spartacus’. It takes as its starting point the moment in the film Spartacus (Stanley Kubrick 1960), when the other slaves are offered immunity from punishment if they identify Spartacus to Crassus. As Spartacus stands to identify himself, Antonius, his chief ally, stands up and shouts ‘I’m Spartacus’. One by one the rest of the slaves also stand and shout ‘I’m Spartacus’.

For Gracelands, the impetus behind this spontaneous gesture is considered in light of recent discussions on the possibilities of love as a political force. Michael Hardt, in discussing love, describes it as ‘transformative’ and speaks of the possibilities for a love that is not confined to to small ‘private’ units such family.

‘This idea ‘In part…starts with a recognition that in certain political actions, in certain political demonstrations — the really good ones — you do have a feeling of something really like love.’

Bea McMahon presents a reading, ‘Sink or swim’, on The Rose of Innisfree at 5 pm on Saturday. Places are limited so please book for this section of the event at

Ian Breakwell / Paul Bush / Rhona Byrne / Omer Fast / Rainer Ganahl / Ryan Gander / Isil Egrikavuk / Ciné Institute Haiti / Sanja Ivekovic / Kevin Kirwan / Seamus Nolan / Ferhat Ozgur / Alice Rekab / Margaret Tait / Sarah Pierce / Grace Weir

Sam Keogh and Joseph Noonan Ganley Noonan (Radical Love) / The Provisional University / Ruby Staunton / Anne Tallentire

Azple / Dean Hughes / Bea Mc Mahon / Isabel Nolan / Walker and Walker

Sound events ( programmed with Aisling Ryan) featuring : John Godfrey / Dylan Rynhart / Si Shroeder / Martin Tourish

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