Price is one of the most exciting and innovative artists working in the UK today and this exhibition marks her first solo show in Ireland.

Price creates immersive and compelling video installations that incorporate digital moving image,
text and music. They draw upon archives of film, photography and physical collections of art to invent new and sometimes apocalyptic narratives. In Price’s films the story is rarely driven by human action, instead it is expressed using objects or gestures. These are used to present institutional contexts and social histories, as well as human aspirations and desires. Consumer culture is a recurring concern and commodities and objects are acknowledged as complex expressions of our lives, social relationships and collective ideas.

Price presents three major installations at The Model – User Group Disco 2009, Turner Prize winning The Woolworths Choir of 1979, 2012 and a new work entitled K, 2015.

The Woolworths Choir of 1979, 2012, is a seductive and hypnotic work composed of three distinct episodes, united in the performative action of an expressive hand gesture – the enigmatic dance of a 60s girl band, a twisted wrist depicted on a gurative medieval sarcophagus, and a woman waving for help from a fire. In K, 2015, a new two-screen video installation, Price combines CGI animation of industrial machinery, precisely based on contemporary automated processes of weaving and packaging hosiery, with a fictional, futuristic story voiced by a troupe of professional female mourners.

User Group Disco, 2009 is set within the Hall of Sculptures of a ctional museum or gallery. However there is nothing visible that we would immediately identify as sculpture, only littered debris: defunct, damaged, unidentifiable things. What ensues is a series of reveries and hallucinations concerning these objects and the institution that holds them.


This exhibition is sponsored by Monica & Gerard Flood


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