On the occasion of our partnership with The British Council, The Model is convening a seminar with a specific focus on British Art since the mid nineties. The purpose of this discussion is to investigate whether or not key developments that emerged in the 1990s have shaped contemporary art in the UK today.

The seminar will consider the alternative practices of art production and exhibition-making that emerged during the decade, and explore the way in which the role of the artist-run space changed the culture and economy of British art. At the same time specific developments such as the growth of moving image work and intense media interest in the young British art scene shaped the face of British Art in the 90s.

The Model has invited noted artists, curators and academics to consider the relevance and legacy of these factors on the UK art world today.

Chair: Dr Maeve Connolly
Speakers: Simon Bedwell, Francis McKee, Elizabeth Price and Stephen Sutcliffe.

3pm-6pm, Free admission.


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