This unique exhibition project involves five artists invited to respond to a chapter in the book, The Museum of Innocence by Nobel Prize winner, Orhan Pamuk. Published in 2010, The Museum of Innocence is an elaborate tale of love, unrequited and otherwise, taking place in a politically shifting Istanbul of the 1970’s to the present day.

The four-page chapter that the artists are responding to, entitled An Anatomical Chart of Love Pains, harrowingly details the protagonist’s physical and emotional torments due to unrequited love, depicting an exquisite agony that appears in different forms throughout his body. This intense microcosm of existence, and the narrative that unfolds in the chapter, is the backdrop to each artist’s contribution for the exhibition.

Each artist has a gallery space in The Model galleries to then produce a response to the text. Invited artists are the Brussels-based sculptor Zin Taylor, Model artist in residence (awarded via the RDS, Ireland) Ian Nolan, Nikola Röthemeyer (Germany), Lili Reynaud Dewar (France), and Köken Ergun (Turkey). The artists are responding in various forms, whether drawing, sculpture, photography or installation.

The author of the novel, Orhan Pamuk, was the 2006 winner of the Nobel Prize for literature. Pamuk spent most of his prize money on an actual museum in Istanbul that documents the imaginary characters from the novel. This museum, The Museum of Innocence, has collaborated with The Model for the production of, An Anatomical Chart of Love Pains.

Brussels-based sculptor Zin Taylor.
Model artist in residence, Ian Nolan (Ireland)
Nikola Röthemeyer (Germany)
Lili Reynaud Dewar (France)
Köken Ergun (Turkey)

This project is funded by the Arts Council, Sligo Local Authorities and The French Embassy in Ireland.

Sligo County Council

The Arts Council


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