This group exhibition presents a number of artists whose work traverses different dimensions of reality, identity and reportage. Each work, at its root, has a form of investigation – questions about sexual identity, the cosmos, the canons of philosophy, the meaning of life, third world poverty or the relevance of art itself.

Confronting these questions, the roles of the artists begin to emerge: chameleon, imposter, investigator, reporter, analyst, traveller, nominalist, parodist. The audience is left to ponder the questions, not easily answered, but definitely provoking.

Arists include:
Oisin Byrne
Christopher Mahon.
Kristan Horton.
Alison Kobayashi.
Renzo Martens.
Bea McMahon.
Avi Mograbi.
Megs Morley & Tom Flanaghan.
Sophie Nys.
This is Going to Take More Than One Night.
Jonathan Wells.


Current Exhibitions