Yeats & the West: Public Talk Series

Thursdays 31 March – 12 May,
Curators Tours 1pm. Public Talks 6pm.

This series of talks on Yeats’s connection to the west and beyond takes us inside the makings of a western cultural revolution.

These talks from experts in the field range from exploring the pioneering art and craftwork of the Yeats family to W.B.Yeats’s own life and loves, considering his some of his most controversial and sexy poems; they reveal the extraordinary plays of his brother, the artist Jack B. Yeats, and alongside the Model Gallery’s newly unveiled Broadside collection, showcase his design and print work; and they weigh the wider forces that turned a cultural revolution into a real one.

Guided curators tours of Yeats & the West take place every Thursday at 1pm

All talks (unless stated) take place every Thursday at 6pm in The Model Theatre.

24 March – Exhibition Opening

31 March – 1pm– Guided tours of Yeats & the West and NUI Galway Archives
Barry Houlihan, Archivist, James Hardiman Library, NUI Galway

7 April – ‘Lake Isles, River Eyots: making Innisfree with the Yeats family’
Adrian Paterson, English, NUI Galway

14 April – ‘A Disturbing Influence: Maud Gonne in the life of W.B. Yeats’
Adrian Frazier, English, NUI Galway

21 April – ‘O any old words to a tune: the Yeatses and the Broadsides’,
Dr Adrian Patterson.

28 April – ‘W.B. Yeats and the Problem of Crazy Jane’
Margaret Mills Harper, outgoing Director of the Yeats International Summer School

5 May – ‘A Vaudeville of Frustration: The Theatre of Jack B. Yeats’.
Ian Walsh, Centre for Drama Theatre and Performance, NUI Galway

12 May – ‘Romanticism and Realism: Pearse, MacNeill, the Revival and the Rising’
Mary Harris, History, NUI Galway