Woven Skull & Fuzzy Hell

Woven Skull & Fuzzy Hell

The Model is delighted to collaborate with Sligo-based DIY record label Art for Blind on a new series of contemporary alternative Irish music. The series, which kicked off in May with Dublin dancefloor maestros I Am The Cosmos, will feature four acts in all over the course of 2018.

Next up is Woven Skull & Fuzzy Hell

Woven Skull
In 2008, the core trio that make up Woven Skull began gathering together in the home of two of the members, set deep in the bogs and forests of County Leitrim. Several years experimenting with combinations of instrumentation, kitchen utensils, seashells, footsteps, chimes, recordings of cats purring and frogs mating led to their current sound which combines densely propulsive guitar, distorted mandola and endless cyclical rhythms. Woven Skull strip and scrape what they can out of minimal instrumentation to teeter on the brink of total sonic meltdown creating engulfing, raw primal drones and damaged rock manoeuvres; the result of which has often been described as the traditional music of a self-imagined land.

Fuzzy Hell
Mystery shrouds the identity of Fuzzy Hell. Could it be a side project of Kanye West’s? When he gets bored with his narcissistic thug / fashionista persona, he likes to sing sad songs about how awful life is, in the guise of an unassuming woman of vague ethnicity. “Yasmin appears to be the first name of the artist behind Fuzzy Hell – details about her are scarce beyond the first name, and perhaps that she’s based in the Irish midlands – and she deploys her searing folky songs with gentle psychedelic touches.” – Tristan Bath, The Quietus