Junk Drawer with Icebear ft. Olivia Furey

Belfast's Junk Drawer blur the lines between introspective garage, curveballing kosmiche and full-blown indie rock worship. The quartet, who comprise four multi-instrumentalists, won Best Single prize at the 2019 Northern Irish Music Awards, Guest support comes from experimental sound artists Olivia Furey and Icebear who are coming together for a unique collaboration.

Junk Drawer
Off the back of becoming the first DIY act to scoop the Best Single prize at the Northern Irish Music Awards - not to mention supporting the likes of Built To Spill and Mclusky across Ireland - Belfast indie psych quartet Junk Drawer arrive fully-fledged on their shapeshifting debut LP, Ready For the House. Blurring the lines between introspective garage, curveballing kosmiche and full-blown indie rock worship, the band, who comprise four multi-instrumentalists, navigate stone-cold classics: epilepsy, anxiety, depression, social conscience and identity.
Olivia Furey & Icebear

Experimental artist Icebear and performance/sound artist Olivia Furey have teamed up to play a run of Irish noise gigs together this March and will also be joining forces again for this show in April in support of Junk Drawer. For this show, they will perform a special collaborative set. Merging the pair's combined interests of experimental noise, drone, performance art and improvisation, the two artists hope to build a vast and immersive wall of sound.

Olivia Furey is a performance and sound artist working in both Ireland and Scotland. Olivia’s performances are composed of exploring sound as a visceral, sculptural element through assertive noise-making, by playing self-made instruments, electric guitar, audio sampling, sonic manipulation experiments, and voice. The vocal aspect of the performances consists of spoken word songs and taking on a confrontational persona, which shifts from being in control to out of control. Olivia’s performances generally hover between a conventional song and a disruptive, performative act.

Icebear is a Kildare based experimental artist inspired in equal parts by ambience and noise. She has nothing to say and is saying it.