The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse (Film Still)

Director: Robert Eggers
Cast: Willem Dafoe, Robert Pattinson
109 minutes, USA, 2019, 16

Late 19th century: veteran seafarer Tom Wake (Willem Dafoe) and apprentice Ephraim Winslow (Robert Pattinson) arrive on a remote New England island to manage a lighthouse for a four week period. Tom’s hostile manner soon creates tensions between the two men, but when Ephraim also becomes curious about the lighthouse lamp that only Tom is allowed access to, the situation deteriorates further.

Dafoe and Pattinson turn in extraordinary performances as The Lighthouse keepers who slowly descend into madness. Shot on 35mm black-and-white film, and using hypnotic sound design combined with otherworldly imagery, this latest film from director Robert Eggers (The Witch) is an unsettling psychological thriller, which stays in the mind of the viewer long after the credits role.


Directors’ Fortnight, Cannes Film Festival 2019
Toronto International Film Festival 2019
San Sebastián International Film Festival 2019
BFI London Film Festival 2019
Tallin Black Nights Film Festival 2019
Cork Film Festival 2019


Winner – FIPRESCI Prize, Directors’ Fortnight, Cannes Film Festival 2019

“★★★★★ There’s no comparision to make lightly, but everything about The Lighthouse lands with a crash. It’s cinema to make your head and soul ring.”
Robbie Collin, The Telegraph, Cannes Film Festival 2019

 “★★★★★ The Lighthouse ploughs through centuries of lore for briny manifestations of madness. All are cleverly imagined. Many are properly unsettling.”
Donald Clarke, The Irish Times, Cannes Film Festival 2019

“★★★★★ Very few films can make you scared and excited at the same time. Just like the lighthouse beam, this is dazzling and dangerous.”
Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian, Cannes Film Festival 2019


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