Signals & Circuits – curated by aemi

Yoga For The Eyes, Michelle Doyle, Eva Richardson McCrea Coilin O Connell with Jenn Moore, 2018, Ireland. Image courtesy of the artists.

Thu. 12 Aug. - Sun. 10 Oct.

Curated by aemi, Signals & Circuits is a gallery screening programme of artists films featuring work by artists Jenny Brady (IE), Jussi Eerola (FI), Laura Fitzgerald (IE), John Smith (UK), Deborah Stratman (USA) and Yoga For The Eyes (IE).

Taking the ‘circuit’, with all of its possible meanings, as a conceptual framework, this screening programme, considers interconnected ideas relating to communication, travel and technology. In the selected films, intimate or ordinarily private thoughts are vocalised, and acts of speaking or mis/over-hearing, take on significances other than those originally intended. This gives rise in several instances to concerns about illicit societal control and surveillance, and emphasises the political and cultural value of speaking out, either to express an inner voice or strengthen the power of collective struggle.

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