Secondary School Film Programme 2023/24

The Model Cinema is proud to present our Secondary Schools Film Programme, a multi-cultural film programme which supports film in secondary school curricula. Screenings are presented in association with the Irish Film Institute. Screenings at 11am, admission is €4 per student.

FRENCH   Senior Cycle/TY

Sixteen (16 Ans)

Tue. 28 Nov. 9.30am & 12pm

Our Senior French choice for this year is a starcrossed romance. Classmates Nora and Leo fall in love at school, but their relationship faces intense opposition from their parents and family. Despite the different familial backgrounds and beliefs, the pair continue their romance undercover. This contemporary retelling of Romeo & Juliet, focusing on opposing religious beliefs rather than duelling families, is a gripping and engaging film for older teens.

France • 2023 • 94 mins • French • Drama Director: Philippe Lioret

A study guide from French Cultural Service is available to download from


GERMAN   Senior Cycle/TY

Run Lola Run (Lola Rennt)

Wed. 29 Nov. 11am

In celebration of the film’s 25th anniversary, we are bringing Run Lola Run back to the big screen for new schools audiences. Bursting on to the scene in 1998, Run Lola Run became an instant cult classic thanks to its innovative style and catchy soundtrack. The set-up is simple: Lola gets a phone call from her boyfriend Manni, who needs to deliver 100,000 Deutschmarks to a local gangster at noon, 20 minutes from now. Will she get the money in time? Or will her father, the police, and barking dogs get in her way?

Germany • 1998 • 81 mins • German • Thriller Director: Tom Tykwer

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SPANISH   Senior Cycle/TY

Schoolgirls (Las Niñas)

Thu. 30 Nov. 11am

It is 1992 in north-eastern Spain where 11-year-old Celia lives with her widowed mother and attends the local all-girls Catholic school. The monotony is interrupted by the arrival of cool new student Brisa, who is from Barcelona. Instantly taking Celia under her wing, the girls play with make-up, try alcohol and cigarettes, and stir up trouble. All the while, Celia is learning the realities of being the daughter of an unwed woman in a Catholic country. A charming coming-of-age drama about identity and growing up

Spain • 2020 • 107 mins • Spanish/Catalan • Drama Director: Pilar Palomero

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