Secondary School Film Programme

film programme

A multi-cultural film programme which supports film in secondary school curricula. Screenings are presented in association with the Irish Film Institute.

Klammer: Chasing the Line – Senior Cycle German

Thu. 27 Oct., 11am (15+)

€4 per student

Set 1970s Austria and based on true events, we follow skier Franz Klammer in the five-day lead-up to what will be the biggest event of his career to date; the 1976 Winter Olympics. Enduring an overbearing marketing campaign, grumpy coaches and the pressure of a nation, all while balancing a blossoming relationship with girlfriend Eva, this nostalgia-hued biopic offers a charismatic portrait of the legendary skier and his desire to go against the grain.

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The Path/Der Pfad – Junior Cycle German

Thu. 24 Nov., 11 am (12+)

€4 per student

Based on the novel by Rüdiger Bertram and inspired by true events, Der Pfad follows 12-year old Rolf, as he flees Nazi pursuit alongside his father and dog in 1940. Assisted by young Núria, their route to freedom is the Pyrenees Mountain Range across France and Spain. What follows is a gripping yet heartwarming tale that speaks on ever-relevant issues of fleeing war and persecution, as two young people learn to support and rely on one another for help.

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King - Junior Cycle French

Thu., 1 Dec., 11 am (12+)

€4 per student

When King, a trafficked lion cub, escapes from the airport in mid-transit and finds itself in the home of Inès and Alex. Instant friends, the siblings come up with a plan to bring King back to a nature reserve in Africa. With the customs agents on their tail, the pair enlist the help of their quirky grandfather Max to join their unconventional road trip.

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