Secondary School Film Programme

film programme

A multi-cultural film programme which supports film in secondary school curricula. Screenings are presented in association with the Irish Film Institute.


Thu., 26 Jan. 2023, 11:30am (12+)

€4 per student

Delfín, an 11-year-old boy, lives alone with his father in the muddy outskirts of a Buenos Aires, and dreams of playing French horn in an orchestra. His life is though and far from charmed, but discovering a nearby town is forming a Children’s orchestra Delfín is determined to attend the auditions.  Supported by his ageing music teacher, who taught him to play the French horn, and his boss in the local bakery Delfín will do the impossible to show up for the audition. A weeklong tale of just how far a dream and determination will take you.

My Brothers and I

Thu., 23 Feb. 2023, 11am (15+)

€4 per student

The youngest of four brothers, 14-year-old Nour helps care for his mother who is in a coma. Remembering her passion for Italian Opera, Nour plays it for her, all whilst beginning to develop a passion for the music. Despite rising tensions at home, Nour dreams of escape. A chance meeting with Opera singer Sarah offers the opportunity to explore new horizons and come into his own.

Mediterraneo: The Law of the Sea / Mediterráneo

Thu., 9 Mar. 2023, 11:30am (15+)

€4 per student

As he learns of the growing humanitarian crisis unfolding in the Mediterranean Sea, Spanish lifeguard Òscar Camps decides to head to the Greek island of Lesbos along with his reluctant colleague Gerard. Once on the island, they’re faced with the enormity of the situation. With limited resources, the pair struggle to do what they can to help the continued stream of people arriving, working against determined people smugglers and inert local coastguards.

Contains dramatised scenes of rescue from refugee crisis and one scene of childbirth.

2021 • Spain/Greece • Drama• 109 mins  Director: Marcel Barrena