Quiet Music Ensemble

Quiet Music Ensemble
Saturday, April 23rd, 8pm
Tickets €10

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Three works: Karen Power/Mary Nunan/Atoosa pour Hosseini: New Work [World premiere]; Mick O'Shea: PRAEST; Andrew Crossley: whole body like a mouth
Quiet Music Ensemble is a Cork-based Experimental Music group led by composer and performer John Godfrey. The word ‘quiet’ in its name is intended to conjure both the sense of hushed and of peaceful; its music is a restrained meditation on sound itself. The group consists of some of the top solo and chamber performers in the country: John Godfrey, founder/director/electric guitar; Seán Mac Erlaine, clarinets/saxes; Roddy O'Keefe, trombone; Ilse De Ziah, cello; Alexis Nealon, sound engineer. It draws its repertoire from diverse artistic sources, including composers of music, sound artists and visual artists, and specialises in improvisation, guided or free. It performs in unconventional spaces and contexts, and specialises in extended performances.