Informal Music Afternoon – Mozart at The Model

Aileen Cahill - piano

Nicola Cleary - violin  Aileen Cahill - piano


Mozart piano concerto no 17 in G major, soloist Aileen Cahill and Mozart's third violin concerto, soloist Nicola Cleary will be performed this Sunday in The Model Sligo at the February Informal Music Afternoon , with Sligo Baroque Orchestra directed by Nicola Cleary.

For an hour you can enter a world of elegance, of subtle changes of colour as the harmony shifts, and, who knows, maybe the light through the atrium roof will counterbalance these shifts. Mozart’s melodies, his choice of sonority, that of the bassoon almost comical as the pianistic figuration takes a new direction...  something to feel grateful for, and  perhaps for the offer of a new view of some present ugliness. An hour of so of Mozart on Sunday afternoon in Sligo... something to be grateful for...

Informal Music Afternoons are produced by Sligo Baroque Orchestra in partnership with The Model, generously supported by Sligo County Council.