Karen Power; no man’s land

Karen Power (IE), Photo credit: John Godfrey

Fri. 18 Sep., 9pm

no man’s land (2020) is a multifunctional composition presented as both an 8-channel sound installation and a live performance for voice and composed field recordings, all of which lies in conversation with the major surrounding artworks of The Sea Around Us Exhibition @ The Model, Sligo. (It also functions as two independent pieces.)

This entire composition is based on my (Karen’s) field recordings of the sea from many locations, including new site-specific recordings made throughout Sligo's waterways over the 6 month period of this project. Subtle additions will be made to the installation throughout its 3 month run, mapping local and seasonal sea changes.

The entire concept and structure of this multifaceted work emulates the living and ever-changing state of our ocean, as simultaneously constant/fleeting, fragile/robust, volatile/calm, mesmerising, beautiful, alluring, harsh and encompassing life and death.

The pairing of voice with sea continues my line of enquiry related to the basic function of language, as used by all species, as a communicative tool, which considers more the gesture, contour, tone, projection and inflection as core elements of the act. This was our language, but perhaps today we have adapted a more reductive approach to communication and are perhaps missing the point?

no man’s land places the voice in the centre of the sea and searches for connection between superficially unconnected beings. The language that emerges between sea and voice lets us all hear both in a new way, while potentially altering our future relationship with the sea around us.

Michelle O' Rourke (voice)
Sea (quadraphonic tape)
Karen Power (live processing)


This commission was funded through the Arts Councils' Music Project Award

Arts Council Project Awardc



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