Cairde Sligo Arts Festival: Cléa van der Grijn – Jump, Flux, Reconstructing Memory

Sun. 3 Jul. 7pm

Admission €12 


Award winning visual artist and filmmaker Clea van der Grijn presents for the first time in Sligo her three most recent films.

Reconstructing Memory  (2016, 6 min 22 seconds)

In Mexico death is commemorated by two significant holidays: ‘Día de los Muertosa’ (Day of the Dead), a colorful day of carnival, and ‘Día de los Santos Inocentes’ (Day of the Innocents), a more somber day when deceased children are remembered. It is this ‘Day of the Innocents’ that van der Grijn personified in the short film Reconstructing Memory. In Mexican cultures there exists the belief that the after-life is a vivid life of its own. We see a young girl idling down a dirt road until she reaches the grave yard. Alive or dead?


JUMP  (2019, 26 min 39 seconds)

JUMP is about understanding the rational, social and emotional circumstances constructed around time and memory.

A woman stands at the edge of a pier. She wilfully jumps. Slowly she falls through water where time catches her breath. What are the memories between the transitional period of jumping + hitting the water when life becomes momentarily suspended. Alive not dead. What memories would be placed to validate existence. Memories to record. Real or perceived? Fact or fiction?


FLUX   (2021, 16 min 44 seconds)

FLUX is breathtakingly beautiful: highlighting language, the word, precisely through it’s absence. Emphasising the fragile + emotional states of mankind. An oneiric land cinematically beautiful + psychologically disturbing.

Made using only available light and the full moon, this film explores themes of death, loss, love, isolation and mental fragility using literal and abstract imagery. FLUX compacts ideas of time and space,  inviting the viewer  into dream and mindscapes which emphasise the characters’ emotional lives.  Incorporating Irish Sean Nós song, FLUX blurs the boundary between reality and imagination.

Cléa can der Grijn is an international award winning visual artist and film-maker based in Ireland. Cléa employs various media in her practice, including site-specific installation, experimental film, large format photography, sculpture, drawing and painting.   Van der Grijn has been exhibiting to considerable acclaim for over twenty five years in public and private art galleries in Ireland, Britain, Italy and the USA.

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